Things go a bit wrong. Oops

Hello there! 😀

I’m a bit of a bad blogger, aren’t I? For that, I’m sorry (I’m also sorry for linking that video. This is what we do in England, take the crap out of our “politicians”). In my defence I have been busy. Well, by busy I mean that after my last post I just sat on the new sofa bed dancing to Rammstein going “I wish I was back at Download :(“. *cough* Then last week I had one of my lovely but weird friends stay up for a few days so I’m absolutely shattered, although I’m doing better than I was on the weekend! Then for the past couple of days I have been skyping relatives as I haven’t really spoken to them properly for a while!

I’m back in a 1940s mood again (apparently one listen to In The Mood and a bit of hand sewing kicks it off again) so I’ve been baking. Let’s just say that I should stick with things I’m (sort of) good at. xD Yesterday I made lovely savoury scones using my trusted Marguerite Patten book. I’ve made the recipe quite a few times and they are lovely with a bit of butter on the top for a light snack. 😀 This is what my first ever batch came out like (They’re supposed to be triangles but my cutting skills aren’t very good. Also it’s a bit blurry. Sorry xD)
Today I decided to tackle cakes. Now, I’ve not really made cakes before, maybe a couple of times when I was younger (I made muffins a few months ago but that’s different, right?) but I don’t remember what I did. The downside to this is that I’m using a recipe from a replica of a 1941/1942 WVS mixed grill recipe book. This is fine, I have no problem with using them as I want to make more 1940s foods. This was the recipe:
It seems quite a nice recipe, easy and simple. No eggs involved (Which is good on two counts. The first being I won’t make a mess (or a more of a mess) everywhere and the second being I won’t poison myself if the cakes don’t cook properly). It was quite easy to make, I think I did everything right, or just about. It doesn’t say what the consistency is supposed to be so it might have been a little drier than it needed to be but we put it in the oven for 15 minutes (after digging out the oven manual and checking what temperature would be right) and they cooked fully for that 15 minutes! Perfect! Or so you would think . . . They look okay (As pretty as they can be when you can’t be bothered to put it all in properly).
Then my dad and I tasted them. Hmm. The only way I could possibly describe it is chocolate flavoured flour. Either I needed way more sugar than I put in or it just was not good. Hmm, won’t be doing that again! Or if I do, I’ll use real chocolate. Well, you can’t say I didn’t try! I’m sorry lovely ladies of the WVS but that was not the nicest tasting cake/muffin/things! Ah well, at least I didn’t bake the cake that needed 8oz of raw grated potato, eh?

On another (less awful tasting) note I’ve been getting into the swing of sewing again. You know that skirt I mentioned ages ago? Well I finished it!
Well, I say finished, I’ve still got to do the hem and sew on the hook and eye but apart from that! xD I really love it and now I’m attempting to make a dress for the “hot weather”. Well, I tried that but now it’s more rainy (although in fairness still quite hot). Hmm. xD

Right, I don’t think I have anything else to say. I’m going to go do . . . Something. Not sure what. Hopefully I’ll update soon. Possibly. No promises. xD
Jess x


5 thoughts on “Things go a bit wrong. Oops

  1. Not sure where my comment has gone so I’ll try again…and copy it before I click ‘post comment’ this time!

    It’s such a pity that the cakes didn’t taste as good as they look but I bet the birds enjoy them! Love the skirt – get that hem done before the sun completely disappears!

  2. Ooh Jess the skirt looks even better on. I’m wondering what recipe you will be tackling next? 🙂 Xxx

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