It’s been a little while since I’ve last written . . . Sorry about that. I have a history of not being  able to write frequently mainly because I can’t be arsed. 😉

I lost the past two weeks dedicating myself to watching The Mighty Boosh and fangirling a lot. xD I think my family, friends and twitter are annoyed with me now. Oh well. xP I’m trying to find things to make a costume based on one of the characters but apparently it’s hard to find mirror ball suits and fake seaweed (Ya guessed what it is yet?). *sigh* I’ve learnt pretty much all the crimps and know most of the songs. This is how I spend my time when I’m not busy trying to learn stuff that makes no sense to me. 😉 I’m planning on watching the C4 Comedy Gala thing tonight just because Noel Fielding is on it (Well, and Miranda Hart, Russell Brand and Michael McIntyre but Noel <3). Tiiiiny bit obsessed yes. xD I do love his character Vince Noir. Well I love them all, I do love Julian. He’s so shy but outgoing as well, if that’s possible xD

But yes. Moving on. xD My nan is here with me today as mum had a hospital appointment so I wanted some company. I’ve been teaching her to use links on a blog (hence there are a few more links than normal in today’s post!) and we’re probably going to just chat while she sews. 🙂

I’ve also been working on a script that I started in 2011 but only picked it back up a few days ago. Let’s just say I’m inspired again to do all the writing I used to do!

On that note I shall leave you with a Boosh song.
See ya soon!
Jess x


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