Quick hello

Wow it’s been a little while since I did a post! I’ve been very tired (think it’s because teenage growing is apparently a thing) so haven’t really done anything exciting. xD I did have the home ed guy over to say hi (or as they call it a meeting) yesterday which was alright, tiring though. Spent most of today on the sofa reading with a blanket over me and a jar of Nutella xD

Next week (a week today actually!) is the beginning of our 1940s/World War Two week! It’ll end on VE Day so hopefully England co-operates and gives us some nice sun so that we (my family) can have a tea party outside. 🙂 Speaking of that I should probably make/buy some Union Jack bunting!

So yes, not really a lot going on here, I won’t be blogging during the ’40s week as they obviously didn’t have the land of internet! I’ll hopefully be able to do a big blog post about the week and I’ll try to take lots of photos!

Oooh, I did manage to write a song for the first time in 3 years. A full song as well. Now I need to try to put some music to it! 😀 Super excited about that, it’s nice to have some creativity other than sewing!

See you soon!
Jess x


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