The days when . . . (career edition)

*awkward hello*

So I wrote a post a while back saying how I have mood swings about what to wear/listen to (you can read it here). Well I was just thinking (as you do) and I realised I do the same about future careers. At the moment I’ve reached a standstill of “oh whatever I’ll think about it when I get to that stage” but I think a week or two ago I really wanted to maybe become a dressmaker/soft toy maker/have a small hold or something along those lines. In January I re-discovered my love of all things space and wanted to work at NASA again (My dream ended in Year 6 when my teacher told me I’d have to do maths. I hate maths.). I then thought I’d like to become a computer games developer and work at a place like EA/Maxis or something. I swap between what I want to do so regularly, I’ve (sort of) decided I don’t want to go to uni. If I suddenly decided halfway through my degree “I want to do something else”, I’m either drowned in student loan or I’m feeling guilty because I don’t want to disappoint.

Once I’ve studied hard enough to catch up to GCSE level on most topics then I’ll study at the OU or something, as I find I work better by myself than with other people. Like I said yesterday in my home ed post, I don’t want little bits of paper saying what I can and can’t do, but on the other hand that’s what we need for careers, apparently.

I don’t know. It’s probably a lot to think about when you’re 16 but it is something you do have to think about, especially when A Levels get involved. Some days I just give up and think “What is the point in all this effort?” which isn’t the right attitude but you do have those days. I’ve never been the child that knew exactly what I wanted to do when I was younger (When I was in Year 1 – so about 5 years old – I wanted to be a shopkeeper (because you kept the money, obviously) or Santa) but I know that I’ve always wanted to prove that I can do something.

Okay, I think it’s time for me to go do something else now, I’m sounding way too like my mother/father/a grown up. xD


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