Update and spare room/learning room/day room

So it’s been a while since I did a proper update. Oops? I was a bit busy having my friend over (which was amazing to spend some time with him!) and having my 16th birthday. My birthday was very fun and I spent it with my family (minus my granddad as he was at work 😦 ) and my friends via the interwebs. 🙂
So what have I been doing since I last updated apart from the above? Well I now possess two very retro things:
I ❤ it. It dials properly too. 😀 It also has the ringtone like the Deal or No Deal phone xD Everyone seems to be calling as well, so it amuses me every time. 😀
A 60s/70s sideboard! 😀 I love it, it came today! It fits in really well with the room (The photo doesn’t show the size of it well. It’s six-foot six!). I hope to make some artwork to put above it, along with some posters of 60s people and maybe a geeky poster or two (Stormtrooper playing a guitar. Aww yeah.). 😀 All I need now is a desk (which will be arriving this weekend and is 60s too) and some shelving and I’ll be set to use it properly for my home ed room. 😀 I also need a sofa bed for when friends stay up but we have a bed in here anyway so I don’t need to worry about that too much. 🙂
I now need to put things back where they belong as my resources are covering the whole bed and the surrounding floor space. But it’s definitely worth it! 😀
Oh, and one last thing. You know the skirt that I said I was making in July last year that I would blog about? Well I may or may not have grown plus I can’t find it so I am making a new one. xD Expect a post on that soon. I’ve taken lots of pictures ready for it to be made into a blog post! 😀
Right, my mum is up here now to start putting stuff away so I will see you soon! 😀
Jess x


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