Long time no see!

Uh . . . hi? xD

So it’s a been a while (around 4 months if my maths is correct, which it probably isn’t :P)! I haven’t had internet since November 7th 2012 and only got it back yesterday, so that’s why I’ve been missing xD We moved house in December, about a week before Christmas. It was hectic to say the least! I’m glad to be back in the blogging world again now, I’ve missed rambling to you xD
I’m currently sat on a spinny chair (I have upgraded from a crappy little stool to an office chair. xD) waiting for a Sims update to install as I’m about to play the Sims for my other blog! I’m also getting blinded by the bloody sun. I shouldn’t complain though, as it snowed for two weeks and now keeps deciding to rain. YAY ENGLAND. xD
But yeah aside from all that I’m doing quite well M.E wise, I’m able to do a little more school wise and everything else wise xD It’s nice to live so close to my aunt, uncle and cousin. My cousin has just started the “I’m sort of walking but I’m not paying attention” phase xD He’s adorable! 😀 A bundle of mischief but adorable! I shall have the role of teaching him things that his parents won’t like! Yayyy! xD
But yes. I’m off to sort everything out on my Sims blog now!
See you soon!
Jess x


3 thoughts on “Long time no see!

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