A “things that I find annoying” post

So hello there! 😀

So today a guy called Rowan uploaded a video today here. It is probably the most relatable/funniest video I have seen this week. xD It basically talks about how annoying Facebook and Twitter is. Even though you may use either of these social networking sites a lot and yes they are great for keeping in touch with friends or finding people you have things in common with but you always come to one of these posts: “Omg so like this if you think that cancer is horrible and if you don’t YOU WILL DIE!” or “RT if you find this picture hilarious lololololol”. *facepalm* They don’t do anything, seriously, they don’t. The people who post these statuses/tweets are just attention seeking people who want the likes/comments/RTs/Favourites. The thing that really pisses me off is when someone uses Twitter or Facebook to do this: “This person committed suicide, RT if you think suicide is wrong <3”. REALLY?! IF YOU THINK SUICIDE IS WRONG THEN DON’T TWEET ABOUT IT AND BEG FOR RTS HELP THEM WHEN THEY NEED IT! Arghhhhhh. Anyway. Moving on from that.
Social media is a curse and a blessing. On one hand you get to see and hear all about the lives of different people all over the world. On the other hand you get to see all the twats that exist. Now I’m not being like “Ugh people are so annoying I wish I was alone boohoo *flips hair over face*” but seriously. There are some really stupid people on Facebook/Twitter. How many pictures do we need to see of tits or dicks? None to be fair, but no, people still post them. *sigh* Like Rowan mentions, profile pictures are one of the most annoying things ever. “omg so lyk i need a new pp but im so uglyyy tht i just picked a random 1.” they then get all these comments going “oh shut up your gorgeous bbz <3” (ahem using the wrong your/you’re there you idiots) etc etc..
I don’t know, sometimes there are those days when you just want to facepalm at the internet so much your hand goes through your head. Today is one of those days. xD I’m not completely against the internet, because otherwise I would not have the friends that I do have now but it’s just those twats that are so stereotypically stupid you have no idea whether to laugh or cry. xD So there is my little post about the idiot side of the internet. Hope you enjoyed my little rant/general facepalm and write soon hopefully!
Jess x


2 thoughts on “A “things that I find annoying” post

  1. Lol I love this,you sound alot like Sean,he tends to use the word ‘twat’ too!You are very right though the internet can work both ways.x

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