Helllloooooo 🙂

I’ve been going out a lot recently, which is amazing but not so great about the payback I’ve been getting. Oh well, nice to be normal for a bit 🙂 I’ve been going out to shops though, so I bet you that’ll I’ll be getting some sort of bug from people. xD The biggest achievement I think was going to Tesco on Friday. There were quite a few people there even though it was around 8 at night, that was fine but apparently supermarkets like having really horrible lights. *sigh* I had a headache from people being really loud and from the lights. Plus I was having a panic attack, big time. Either way I managed the half an hour we were there sooo yeah.
Yesterday was really horrible as I got sooo tired from all the outings but I went out anyway . . . I’m not very good at pacing. :’) I’m seeing a friend this weekend as well and gonna arrange to have my hair cut as well . . . I have a feeling this month will be spent resting in between doing stuff. xD

Anyway, that was a quick catch up as I haven’t really got anything to say xD
Jess x


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