Rain, please stop

Hi there 🙂

I went on an outing today so thought I’d share some of the photos of today 🙂

Unfortunately it started to threaten to rain so we headed into town to get some stuff from the shops. Of course, as soon as we did get into the shop, it came out all lovely. *sigh* British weather . . .

In between showers of rain I went out to see my gorgeous bunny rabbit. 😀 Here are some pics:

“Hi camera!”

(He’d just pushed away some the dried grass here xD)

I think he looks quite proud of himself in the last one xD I’ve given him lots of pets today but he still is grumpy, think he’s annoyed because of the rain as well. 😉

All throughout today my tummy has been so mean to me, I keep wanting to eat but it’s like “No, if you do I’ll just give you reflux”. *sigh* I think it’s partly because of waking up in the night due to the wind and rain. :/ Bodies! I’ve still managed to do stuff though, so I’m happy xD

Jess x


2 thoughts on “Rain, please stop

  1. Well done you on getting out for a while and taking such artistic shots. You captured the atmosphere perfectly. 🙂

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