Why hello English summer . . .

I never know how to start off a post xD

So, here in England we’ve had the usual lovely summer weather: rain, wind and maybe a threat of some thunderstorms. This is why people don’t buy swimsuits or sun cream around summer time, you just know that because you buy it when it’s sunny it’ll pour down with rain for the next 6 weeks. D: Either way, I’ve been quite productive because of staying inside! I’ve cleared up my room a lot, taken down posters (In the hope that this will sell our house as some people can’t see past the Iron Maiden, Nirvana etc posters . . . 😦 ) and read. A lot. 😀 Oh, and I did venture out a couple of times. 😀 😀

I’m currently reading The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes by Arthur Conan Doyle. Ahhhh I love these books! 😀 I’m so happy to be able to follow the story lines again, now that my brain is a little less foggy. 🙂 I am trying to read more of the old stuff, as I don’t want to be completely like the stereotypical teenager that lacks any sort of interest in the older books! Haha 😀 I honestly don’t class myself as a teenager as some of them give us a bad name. xD But that is for another day . . .

I did try picking up sewing again, although hand-sewing is still not great. It made me feel so ill after doing a couple of hexies that I just gave up, plus the thread had decided to knot itself up so I got frustrated with it. 😉 Here is a picture of the attempt (I didn’t make the hexies by the way, my nan gave them to me when I was able to do a lot of hand sewing):

You can sort of see the knot next to the upside down hexie. It was quite nice to do, even if it did make me feel ill. xD I am trying to get back into sewing again, I’m planning to make my dad a harmonica case but: 1. I have no idea how to do that. 2. I’d have to use my sewing machine as I don’t think my stitching would be strong enough for it and 3. I have no idea where my sewing machine is. 😉 This is the end of the crafty bit for today. 😉

My nan and grampy have been sorting through stuff lately and they have these brass horse things which are amazing, I used to play with them as a kid (Barbies and brass horses for the win. 😉 ). So anyway, my grampy wanted to throw them out (Not literally of course) and nan text mom to say that, and if I wanted them. Of course I said yes I did, so now they’re in my possession! 😀 Here are some pics of one of them:

Yeah, I’m pretty happy with that. 😀 Sadly this time without the Barbies. 😉

Well, this has been a nice little update! 😀 (Even if this is the second time writing it as WordPress didn’t save my first attempt *sigh*) I am now going to go search for some tea, even though I don’t fancy anything. xD
Jess x


3 thoughts on “Why hello English summer . . .

  1. Memories eh? I remember a cute little girl letting me play along with her and her Barbies. And I know another someone who could help with that knot in your cotton. 🙂

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