Too hot!

‘Ellloooo there!

It’s been quite hot here in England, too hot for my liking (Even if it does only get up to around 23 degrees here that’s still hot 😉 ). It’s also tired making. :’) So I haven’t really done much these past few days. I have managed a few walks though because I do need to be out in the sun. :’) But on a positive side maybe more people will like to view our house (and houses in general) because the weather is nice so you see the house in a better light or whatever people think about when they buy houses. xD

It’s been pretty nice though, hearing the birds tweeting and other summery stuff. :’) It’s quite nice to walk in too, I’m a bit weird with that. Hate the heat but like walking in it. Anyone else like that? :’) Think I might go for a walk in a bit, as it’s not as hot as yesterday and the day before. 🙂

I’m off to write a Sims post now 🙂

Jess x


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