Burnt breakfast

So, we are back with an update from Eva! ūüėÄ

Good morning Eva!

Eva: Hmph. It’s 4am. Leave me alone.

Oookay. Guess you’re not a morning person!

I sent her to the bathroom to get organised and then it was breakfast time!

Eva: I totally know what I’m doing!

I’m not too sure of that . . .

Random deer walked through our “house” so she of course wished to watch it. She is definitely easily distracted ūüėČ

What did you do Eva?!

Eva: I may or may not have burnt it . . .

I knew I should have just made you do a quick meal. D: Well, waste not want not! You spent 11 simoleons on that!

And of course you sit on the loo again. When you get some money I’m buying you a¬†chair!

I made her brush her teeth¬†to get rid of burnt waffle taste. xD Kinda creepy picture ūüėČ While she¬†was doing that the post lady decided to pay us a visit:

Bills. Thanks for that!¬†We can’t actually pay them though as it’s 92 simoleons for them and we only have 34.¬†:’) We had some time to kill though so I sent her to Cinnamon Crest Falls to fish so we could sell them.

We only managed to catch one though before we had to head back home before the carpool arrived!

She randomly decided to play guitar. She does need her skill up!

Eva: Owww my fingers hurt! Why do I have to play guitar for my job?!

Oh quit complaining. Oh look your car pool is here! Have a good first day!

Eva: What if they don’t like me? What if I don’t get enough money to pay the bills?

It’ll be fine! Just try to make some friends!

While she was at work the ice cream van came to park outside her house. I immediately thought of Tim Minchin here xD Other than that nothing happened, some horses galloped through our garden though!

Work asked her to stay late so by the time she got home it was 9:30pm and she was about to pass out from tiredness. I made her pay the bills though.

Eva: Can I please go to bed now?! I have to get up for work!

Your work day doesn’t start til 1pm . . .

Eva: So?! I just want to sleep!


It was midnight before she finally got settled down!

I have no idea why she’s¬†dreaming of rubbish. :’)


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