Quick update

Hi everybody! (Imagine Dr Nick from The Simpsons 😉 )

So this weekend is a tiring one. Yesterday the lovely parents went up to Nottingham to see Guns N’ Roses. 😀 I must admit I was a bit jealous that I couldn’t go, especially after we found out Thin Lizzy was supporting (Even though it’s not really Thin Lizzy now is it?)! So the person that came to look after me for the night was my dad’s mom. We had a really nice time yesterday, talking and watching old episodes of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?. Yeahhh. 😉 Was up in the night though unfortunately so today I’m extremely tired but trying to find things to do with the “me” time I have xD I attempted to make myself a nice lunch but it wasn’t that fancy. 😉 My cooking skills are very limited, I can just about manage to do a salad. I don’t generally do things involving microwaves/ovens/hobs as I nearly set the kitchen on fire with the microwave . . . Yeah. :’)

Anyway, this was a quick life update! :’) Very brief ’cause I haven’t really done anything lately. :’)

Jess x


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