Meet Miss Holmes!

Hellloooo 🙂 I have decided to start my Sims 3 legacy-sort-of-not-really. :’)


Here’s our founder, her name is Eva Holmes. 🙂 Her traits are; Good Sense of Humour, Good, Virtuoso, Hopeless Romantic and Friendly. Her favourites are Indie, Autumn Salad and Turquoise. 😀 Her LTW is to be a Hit Movie Composer!

Here’s her house. It’s not much, but once she gets more money she can upgrade it!

So the first task is to get a job. Her choice of transportation is a bike, luckily she lives quite close to town so it won’t take long!

Eva: I quite like this place.
You better, it took me a whole 5 minutes to make! 😛

Eva: Wish me luck!

I’m sure you’ll manage to charm them.

She got it! 😀 I think she’s quite happy. Now to go bring up that guitar skill!

Just saying, the noise was awful as she tried to get chords together. O.o

Eva: HEY!

It’s true though . . .

Yay! She got a skill point! Now the noise isn’t that bad!

Eva: Is that a compliment?

Not really . . .

Why is there a halo?

Eva: I donated 100 simoleons to a charity! Are you proud?

I guess . . . We now have 48 simoleons now though.

So after that I decided to send her out somewhere to meet new sims. I have twallan’s story progression mod installed so I can see where people are and find out the gossip going around town. 😉 Most people were at work but there were a few at the cat park thing so we went there.

When we got there we introduced ourselves to Zac Whipsnake! They seemed to get on okay:

Although this was after she bored him to death so their friendship bar is really low, they’re still on acquaintance level. xD

Eva: Hey! It’s not my fault people don’t want to know I’m new or have a new job!

Mhm sure.

I heard some stuff going on next to them so I scooted along and saw this:

Hailey Shepherd just received flowers from Kenji Midden! Poor Kanoa Parrott was watching it whilst thinking about Hailey. Poor guy. xD

Eva: Are you gonna be following my life or theirs?!

Aren’t you supposed to be talking to Zac? *comes over to look*

Oh. Well at least you said goodbye to him!

Eva: Yep! I’m off home now, I reeeaaally need the loo.

But . . . there were loos right next to you in the park!

Eva: . . . Oh. Ooops. I need to make some food anyway.

Please do not cut yourself!

Eva: You were worried over nothing! See, I made it all by myself!

Well, at least you can’t burn salad.

Really, you sit on the toilet to eat your tea?!

Eva: There’s nothing wrong with that! Besides, you didn’t give me a table or chairs!

You also wash the dishes in the bathroom sink?! Even though you have a sink in the kitchen?!

Eva: Mhm, nothing wrong with that either!

*sigh* Sims . . .

Well, at least that day is over. Goodnight Eva, hope your dreams of music make you in a good mood for work tomorrow!


There we are, my first Sims legacy post thing! Hope it was okay! I know not a lot happened, but nothing really does on the first day xD
Jess x


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