Titles are hard to think of

Hellooooo 🙂

Thank you once again (or twice, or three times) for the comments on the M.E post! 🙂 So glad people are still coming to read it. 🙂

I haven’t been doing much since then, attempted some school work and did really well with that! I did maths and English. English beats it every time. 😉 Yesterday I went out in the car to take mom the hairdressers and then dad took me to the church so that I could stretch my legs (it’s not very far from home, maybe 5 minutes?) but once I got home I crashed. 😦 Oh well, was a sunny day and I managed to get out in the car that’s the positive out of it!

Went on a little walk today, but somehow I’ve pulled something in my side/back. Hmph. :’) Played on the Sims for a little bit. Not really done much. xD

So today was the Spanish Grand Prix in F1 and I didn’t really watch it, but mom shouted upstairs that there was a fire. I feel so bad for the Williams team, and other team members that helped out. Such a downer after their win today. 😦 But that is the downside to F1, full of dangers. :/

I have a real sudden love for Ofra Haza, her voice is – was? – beautiful. I’m not sure what she says in most of it (Does she sing in Hebrew?) but ahh her voice is just . . . Wow. Plus she was super pretty! It’s made me want to learn Hebrew (To add to the list of languages I want to learn, including Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian, Dutch, German, Chinese and others. So yeah, I’m a bit crazy. 😉 ) and study religion more. I should probably slow down with the amount of stuff I want to research but eh. 😉

Random post over for today. 😀 x


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