Hello there! 🙂

So last night I spoke to a friend and we were talking about science (like you do) and suddenly I got into a mood where I want to learn stuff. That wasn’t a great time to have that happen as it was around 9pm and I needed to start relaxing so I could sleep. Either way, I didn’t listen to my body so decided to do a bit of science (Space. <3) and ended up doing a little bit of history too. I then stopped and thought about what to do today. I also read a bit about climate and climate change because of a programme (never know how to spell that one . . .) on last night about armageddon (If you want to see it watch it here ). So my plan for today was to do a bit of history (completed!), science (not completed . . . Should probably do that) and then something else if I could be bothered. I guess I did English because I’ve been reading a lot today. Hmm, anyway next topic (I’ll change subject very quickly so get used to that 😉 ).

I wasn’t going to write about the Sims today but here I am! :’) Constance and Michael got married today! ❤

After that happened I decided the house was too small for them but Bridgeport doesn’t have good places to put new houses down (this lot is on the school field . . .) so I decided to delete their house so they had money and then I saved them to the library so I could move them to Appaloosa Plains. Eeep! Luckily I didn’t delete them forever and they now have a bigger house. :’) Yayyy!

Today is May 4th soooo “May the fourth be with you!”! :’) I’m off to be a nerd and put Star Wars on because I’m so f’ing rock ( Tim Minchin is amazing ). 😉 x


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