Meet the Bakers

Hello 🙂

Well, here is my Sims family. I’ll probably make a new family for the purpose of a story but here is my current household that I’m in love with :’)

Here is the mom, Eve Baker:

Super pretty, in my opinion :’) She is married to Efrain (I think that’s his name, they live in Bridgeport and when I moved him in he was living with Ebeneezer Clavier so I don’t know if he just got randomly added to the neighbourhood or what. Either way she’s married to him. ;)) but doesn’t live with him – I kicked him back out when he started to annoy me :’) – and has two kids with him. 🙂 Her traits are: Family Oriented, Virtuoso, Hopeless Romantic, Artistic and Schmoozer. :’) I had hoped she’d be a vampire but decided when she aged up to a Young Adult that she could just be normal. She is nine days away from being an elder. O.o Her favourites are: Songwriter, Peanut Butter and Jelly and Black. Her Lifetime Wish (LTW) is to be Master of the Arts. 🙂

Here is her first son, Michael Baker:

Attractive face. 😉 He is a teen (Although is two days away from being a Young Adult). His traits are: Brave, Neurotic, Athletic and Evil (Ahem, I’m putting him in the Criminal career track just because I’ve not used that a lot before, so he’s nearly maxed out on logic and I’ve started his athletic training). His favourites are: Kids, Grilled Cheese and Blue. He also has a super pretty girlfriend called Constance Walker. Here’s some pics of them:

Awww :’) ❤

Okay, that’s it for Michael. 😉

Last but not least, here is Eve’s second son, Danny Baker:

His traits are: Genius, Eccentric and Dog Person. I’m hoping to put him in the Science career so will probably give him the green thumb trait next xD His favourites are: Indie, Veggie Burger and Orange. He’s two days away from being a teen. :O

I’m trying to get Eve to paint portraits of the family but it’s taking a while. I was going to try to get her to paint portraits of her parents but they’re never in. :/

So there you go! That’s my family on the Sims 3. Pretty normal. :’) I’m off to write another post now, this time about reality. 😉
Jess x


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